Acupressure for Sinus Congestion Relief

I hope you are enjoying your summer and having some fun in the great outdoors.  While you are out there enjoying the good weather, you may need a few weapons against allergies or sinus issues.

Chinese medicine offers herbal medicine, bodywork, dietary strategies, and acupuncture to help with sinus problems by regulating the immune system, decreasing inflammation, and relieving pain.  Also, acupressure you can do at home is helpful for sinus pain, congestion, and discharge due to a variety of causes (allergies, a cold or flu, or infection).

Recent studies support acupuncture as a valuable addition to the care of your sinuses, and the same points I use with needles for acupuncture can also be used with massage for acupressure.

Below is a video demonstrating acupoints for when you are having sinus pressure and pain. Use firm but comfortable pressure and hold each point for 30 seconds while taking deep breaths. (Please note that LI4 in the hands should not be used if you are pregnant.)

I hope you put these points to use and keep yourself active and healthy. If you would like to pursue additional natural solutions to your allergies or chronic sinus problems, please call for an appointment: 323-475-9282.