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Easy Qi Gong for Lung Qi

by Norah McIntire, L.Ac.

As we go through this time of evolutionary stress together, I wanted to continue to offer my support and the powerful support of Chinese medicine.

In addition to following CDC guidelines, including washing hands, physical distancing, and wearing face coverings, what else can we do to take care of our health and nourish our physical and emotional resilience?

One practice I personally am very consistent with these days is the ancient practice of qi gong, which has existed in some form for over 5000 years. Qi gong combines meditation, breathing, physical movements, and posture practice for whole body benefit.

Plus, it can be exercise that is enjoyable to do. I think it feels awesome!

Research on qi gong has suggested it can have positive benefits in the areas of bone density, cardiopulmonary function, blood pressure, anxiety relief, and immune function/regulation.

So, my dog Tuxedo and I made a video of a short and simple qi gong routine to help support the Lungs, according to Chinese medicine. Tuxedo does a little voiceover work for it, demonstrating the power of her Lung qi.