How This Works

What’s so different about this approach?

If you are like most people I work with, you have already tried lots of things to address your health issue. Perhaps you have used pain relievers and medication. Maybe you have tried chiropractic, physical therapy, and/or massage. Maybe you have tried exercising more . . . or exercising less. Maybe you have tried vitamins and the latest diet.

However, the roots of health challenges are often complex and involve more than just the site of the symptom. As long as you are focusing on general relief methods, you are only addressing a piece of the problem. Until you work with a system of medicine that understands the big picture of health—how to balance the whole body—you won’t be getting a complete and lasting solution to your struggle.

Specifically, some of the principles that make this approach effective include:

Individualized Care

This method treats the person not the problem. The aim is to restore balance in your individual body rather than throw a generic treatment at your diagnosis or health issue. No two bodies or circumstances are identical, so treatment is individualized and flexible. Our work is shaped by your needs, goals, and what methods of care will work most efficiently and effectively for you.

Respect for the Body

The human body has amazing healing abilities and often just needs the correct support.  Rather than attacking a problem, this approach bolsters the body’s inborn tendency toward healing, balance, and repair. You and your body should be on the same team, and by respecting your body’s rhythms, this approach minimizes side effects and maximizes wellness.


The naturalist John Muir said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”  This is true of our bodies, which can be thought of as miniature universes. Influencing one part of the body has consequences for the whole body, and what happens on the mental/emotional level influences the physical level—and vice versa. This system of wellness uses these complex relationships to efficiently initiate healing reactions.

Holistic Thinking

Looking at the big picture provides comprehensive treatment that gets to the root of the issues rather than just a quick, temporary fix. Effective, long-term solutions focus on maintaining overall physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual balance to solve and prevent future challenges.

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