Posture Therapy

Postural issues and imbalances can contribute to joint and muscle pain, muscular tension, and even decreased internal organ function. So, how do you fix bad posture? You correct it by retraining your muscles. Posture therapy is a natural method of pain relief  that uses exercises to correct skeletal misalignment.

Proper structural alignment allows the body to function efficiently, without pain, tension, or undue fatigue. By rebalancing the muscles through an individualized program of stretching and strengthening, we address the root cause of many types of pain. Examples of problems posture therapy can help:

headaches (including migraines)
neck tension and pain
tight shoulders
jaw tension and pain
low back pain

Correcting your posture can also help prevent injury during athletic activities by allowing the joints and muscles to function as they were designed.

Instead of manipulating or adjusting the bones directly like chiropractic, postural exercises retrain the muscles to hold the bones in appropriate alignment for the long-term. This is done through a series of sessions, each building upon the last, to address the source of the issue. The prescribed exercises should be done daily.

During the first appointment, your posture is examined and you are put through a series of basic exercises designed to reveal how your muscles are (or are not) working. Based on this information, a series of exercises is designed to help restore function to your entire body.

Posture therapy appointments are 90 minutes long and include:

Examination and analysis of posture
Analysis of gait
Explanation of findings, with time for discussion of questions or concerns
Formulation of individual posture exercise plan
Explanation of and “walk through” of exercises in your plan

Please wear or bring the following to your posture therapy appointments:
Tank top or sports bra
Tennis shoes

Posture therapy is excellent for anyone who wants to be actively responsible for improving and maintaining her or his overall health. To make your appointment, call 323-475-9282.

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