Norah McIntire is an excellent acupuncturist. She combines great skill and knowledge seamlessly with compassion and humor. She helped me with a variety of issues and I was happy to refer many of my own patients to her. You are lucky to have her in your area; we sorely miss having her down in San Diego!
~ Dr. Nina Deerfield

Norah is a very gifted and talented acupuncturist. Her treatments have helped many patients tremendously dealing with anxiety, sleeping issues, eating disorders, back pain and many more. Her grounded straight forward approach makes patients feel that they are taken seriously and well taken care of. With Norah you are truly in good hands. She is knowledgeable, reliable and an all around great healer with integrity and know how.
~ U.N.

As a practitioner, Norah is able to make you feel at ease. She is very knowledgeable but explains things in a simple manner, as well as providing manageable lifestyle improvements. I highly recommend her.
~ K.K.

Norah provides the best expert knowledge of acupuncture and with her caring soul, provides the best service that I can recommend.
~ J.K.

"I will always recommend Norah's acupuncture! She's the best acupuncturist who is helping me heal in so many areas of my health! Great personality and very professional."
~ A.G.

After almost two weeks with a pounding headache, I finally sought the services of Norah McIntire. It was my first time with acupuncture, and I was a little nervous. But Norah made the entire visit easy, informative, and transformative. After a detailed discussion of my health, she spent time explaining energy flow, her approach to acupuncture, and what she was doing to help with my headache, all of which eased my initial anxiety. By the end of our session, I was headache free and had a list of foods to either indulge or avoid. I looked forward to our follow up sessions and am now an avid fan of acupuncture – and more specifically, an avid fan of acupuncture with Norah.
~ T.G.

Norah is a rare acupuncturist. She is not only compassionate but incredibly knowledgeable in her field and she is always expanding to know more. As another therapist, I’ve not only enjoyed the benefits of her treatment but have recommended numerous clients to her. And they’ve all seen what an exceptional healer they’ve discovered in Norah. I’ve especially sent those who have been scared of needles and acupuncture. I have not yet once experienced nor heard from anyone any issues in regards to her treatment. In fact, I’ve heard only admiration for her skill. I also saw Norah regularly during my pregnancy. I would not have gotten through it as well as I did without her compassion and her skills.
~ L.C.

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